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Where To Smoke: The Edison, Los Angeles

Where To Smoke: The Edison, Los Angeles


You’d think the place would be better lighted. It was an electrical power plant after all. But bright lights are not how nightclubs work best. And The Edison works very well as a nightclub and also as a place where you can enjoy a cigar when you’re out in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).

One of the reasons to wish for more illumination—or a strong flashlight—is that The Edison is a stunning example of steampunk design with a bit of art deco and other schools sprinkled in. Think 1927 film Metropolis or even Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein and Martin Scorsese’s 2011 Hugo. The nightclub opened in 2007 in the basement of the Higgins Building, inaugurated in 1910, which contained L.A.’s first privately owned power plant.


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